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Error 15 means a database file has been damaged. (possibly a power problem,

computer freeze, computer rebooted, etc. with Shopkeeper running.)


In many cases the damage is minor and you can fix it.


If you happen to know the name of the problem database you can try a quick

fix by going to the COMMAND MENU (js-menu) and typing:


where you replace 'customer.dbf' with the name of the damaged file.


Otherwise go into REGULAR Jewelry Shopkeeper (not the Pro version)

and run a cleanup but MAKE SURE you choose Y for the "More file

verification" option within the cleanup screen. (In addition to selecting

Y for Resort All Files)


To start Regular shopkeeper use the SHOPKEEP icon or choose option 1

from the Command Menu.  NOTE: to open the black and white "COMMAND MENU"

use the JS-MENU icon from the Windows desktop. (If someone has erased this

icon then open the MS-DOS prompt and switch to the drive where the

Jewelry Shopkeeper is installed and type JS and press Enter.)


After you have fixed the problem, we suggest you check the last couple of

sales or inventory items you entered to make sure they are still there.


If the above doesn't fix the error, you may have to restore your data

from a previous day's backup. In this case it would be a good idea to make a

backup onto *empty* diskettes *before* restoring the previous data backup.