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Troubleshooting Tip #0245

Printing from Windows 3.1 or DOS


To print using Windows 3.x, DOS applications or from the DOS prompt, D4 Mode of the parallel interface must be disabled (OFF).


Take the following steps to set the D4 Mode:


1. Turn on the printer while holding down the Cleaning button.

2. The paper out light will start blinking.

3. Release the Cleaning button and immediately press the Load/Eject button and hold it for about 20 seconds.

4. The Paper Out, Color Ink Out and Black Ink Out LED's will light.

5. Release the Load/Eject Button.

6. Press the Cleaning Button and observe the LED conditions as follows to select the desired D4 Mode:


Paper Out LED - ON = D4 Mode ON

Black Ink Out LED - ON = D4 Mode OFF

Color Ink Out LED - ON = D4 Mode AUTO


NOTE: Be sure to set the D4 Mode to AUTO for Windows 95/98 operation.