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Installing a compact Dymo Label Printer



Note that the only models supported are the SE300 SE250 or SE200. Only the

models starting with SE work - all other models will not work even if they

look the same.


These instructions assuming you're running Shop-pro 9.7 under Windows XP

(or Windows 2000/3) and have 4" Shipping Labels installed.


This printer is used for repair labels and for one-off customer labels.

It's not generally practical to use this printer for big mailings.


First install and test the SE300 from Windows.


Right-click the Windows printer driver for the Dymo, choose Sharing and

select 'Share This Printer' and give it a simple sharename such as DYMO

( you may have to click 'understand security risks' and 'just share printer'

to get that far)


In Shop-pro choose 8,B for printer redirection, locate

the CoStar entries (usually there are 3 of them) and on each one of them Hit

F2 to see the available network printers and select the Dymo.


Make a note which number is for the 4" Landscape and the 4" Portrait Costar



Escape out of the list of printers and on the subsequent page change the

repair label entry to the Portrait setting (If you want repairs instruction

labels to print on this printer.)


Also if you want repairs instruction labels to print on this printer choose

Store Information Defaults - Page 12 for the Repair Pickup Page at the

bottom see the entry box for repair labels and select "4"


If you plan to use labels for one-off instant customer labels:

When you use a pick list to search for a customer or a sale, you type a

name, see a list, and press Enter on the name. At that point you see a

prompt like this:Is this the correct Customer/Sale/Repair

<Yes> <Next> <Edit> <Label> <Previous> <Cancel>


Choosing Label gives you the "quick label" screen. To configure the label

choose F for Format where you will see many options for customizing the

label. Later you can experiment with the options but the essential choice is

"Type the printer definition number for the labels:" where you'll type the

printer number you noted above for the 4" Landscape Labels"