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The Jewelry Shopkeeper doesn't have any control over your computer's date

and time. Your computer has an internal clock and calendar which the

Shopkeeper just reads.


To fix it, open the Windows Control Panel and choose "Date & Time"

or double-click the time on the bottom right corner of the Windows screen


Be careful to set the year correctly as the form by be unclear. Normally

the day of the month is selected from the calendar and the year is next

to the month. i.e. Don't choose October 31 where it's expecting

October 2005 (as 31 could become 2031)


You can also open an MS-DOS Command Prompt and type the word DATE and press

Enter and after fixing the date, then type TIME and press Enter.

To get to the Command Prompt run the JS-MENU icon

or choose Start, Run, COMMAND, OK.


Be careful to set the time correctly - e.g. make sure you don't set it

12 hours wrong.