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These are the instructions for printing a mailing based on how much the

customers have purchased. (For version 8.7 and up)


From the Main Menu choose Reports, Mailing Labels and fill in a range of

dollar values for the Total Purchases Between: menu choice (choices 6,

1, 5). Make the range 50 and 9999999 for total purchases greater than

$50. When asked if you want to FINE TUNE THE PURCHASES WITH SPECIAL

CRITERIA, choose NO to include all sales. When asked if you want to

RECALCULATE, choose YES. Note that the customer returns are recorded as

negative sales and have reduced a customer's sales total.


Sometimes the mailing list you want is more complicated than a simple

year-to-date purchases list. Jewelry Shopkeeper has a feature to

calculate a total purchase retail dollar amount for each customer.


For example, to make a mailing list of customers who have purchased

certain merchandise types such as rings, watches or appraisals, or if

you want the list to only include customers who made purchases in a

certain date range, or if you want the list to include only those

customers who have made a certain amount of total purchases since sales

have been typed into the Jewelry Shopkeeper:


In this case when asked if you want to FINE TUNE THE PURCHASES WITH

SPECIAL CRITERIA, choose YES. Then you can fill in the For Vendors, For

Brands, For Brand Style Numbers, For Major Class Codes, For Minor Class

Codes, For Dates Sold, For Prices Greater Than selections as necessary.

Only pick the criteria that you need þ leave the others alone. If you

want an accumulated totals to only include sales in a certain time

range, for instance Christmastime, fill in For Dates Sold between

10/20/1999 and 12/24/1999.


The For Single Retail Prices Above choice can be misinterpreted. If you

type a value in this choice, only sales items that have a value greater

or equal to that value will be added to the customer's calculated retail

purchase totals. If you type $50 in for this choice and a customer had a

$25 repair and a $300 jewelry purchase, the calculated purchase total

will report only $300, not $325. (as an extreme example, if you type in

$1000 and a customer has bought ten $900 rings, they will all be ignored

for a purchase total of $0!) Any customer returns are subtracted from

the customer's total calculated purchase total. Leave the For Prices

Greater Than choice $0 to have the calculated purchase total include all

purchases for this customer (within the date or category ranges



When asked if you want to RECALCULATE, choose YES.


You may choose the For Customer Names, For Zip Codes, or For Customer

Types in conjunction with the Total Purchases Between criterion.


Now you can print a mailing labels, create a merge file or print a

customer zip code list.