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The 3«þ þ 1þ mailing labels can be printed from

from 6,1    6,2,5   6,9


Also from customer confirmation screen. If you print a label

right after entering a sale (at the same time you can print a

receipt, you can optionally include the sale number on the top of

the label.  This can be used to put on a layaway envelope. You

can also put the sale number in barcode on the label - but that

probably wonþt fit unless you are using the 4þþ2þ labels

This þSingle Labelþ choice also has an option for phone numbers.

This single label works for both 3«þ and 4þ labels.


The 3«þ þ 1þ can also be used for repairs. Each repair taking two

like the dot matrix - but there is room for a barcode. However,

there is only enough room for 26 characters wide description and

27 characters wide instructions on those labels. To use these

labels for repair, currently the repair label size is 1 (for 1þ

tall) [2 for 2þ tall landscape bigger labels and 4 for 4þ tall

portrait bigger labels)


Users have to use the costar codes the way they are now in the



So.. they should be able to pick a label size and use it for

various different options without having to change label-stock.



If a user has an older se 200+ like ours was they may have to get

the bios updated. I suppose the user can tell costar what the

serial number is and costar should know if itþs old or new.