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Loading Data into the Training Files



Normally the training files start out completely empty so you

would need to add a few vendors, class codes, customers and

inventory items with which to practice.


However, if you want to quickly make a set of training files with

a fair amount of realistic data on which you or a new staff

member can practice without fear of ruining the real data, these

notes explain how to make a copy of all the data from your

regular working files to the training files. (Sales over than 11

months old will not be copied.)


Open the black and white Shopkeeper COMMAND MENU. Normally you do this

by double-clicking the JS-MENU icon. (let us know if you have deleted

this icon and we can give you instructions on re-installing that JS-MENU

icon) At the "Enter Your Choice->" prompt  type these lines pressing

<Enter> after each line: (where you see more than one space, one is enough)


MD     TRAIN.JS    (Don't worry if this tells you it already exists)

DEL    TRAIN.JS    (Choose Yes to confirm deletion of old training files)  


2P     (this will install a new set of training files. If it ask for

      a registration code, ignore that and exit the training files.

      After setting it up, exit back to the COMMAND MENU and complete

      these steps at the black-and-white COMMAND MENU.)








Note that DB? is DB then a question-mark.

Note the difference between backslash (\) and forward slash (/).


Go into the training files (by typing 2P from the COMMAND MENU) and

run a cleanup - option 8,7 from the Main Menu.


Make sure you change the colors to a combination that is very

different than the regular files. This will make sure you don't

easily confuse the two sets of files -- so you always know which

set of data you are working on.


If necessary, go into the passwords section (option 8,G) to check

to add or remove passwords.