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There isn't an foolproof way to split a sale 3-ways. Two options are:


*) Note that each item on a sale can be split by two sets of initials.

 You can change the split on each line item by Choosing the

 More Options button and then choose  COMMISSION from the drop-down

 menu (or press the short-cut which is Ctrl-PgDn) This way you can many

 clerks if there are many pieces.


*) if it's really a 3-way split on a single line you could be a bit

 creative. you could have initials,  BOB, JOE, SUE and you could

 have initials B&J, B&S, J&S to represent a combination - so..

 using the initials BOB and J&S would mean Bob and Joe and Sue

 - yes it's a bit awkward..


In a later version we'll likely increase to 5 sets of initials per sale.