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These instructions are for setting the color scheme of the

Jewelry Shopkeeper to factory defaults.


(Sometimes, the message SYNTAX ERROR on startup of the Jewelry

Shop-Pro is cased by a corrupted color scheme.)


NOTE: to open the black and white "COMMAND MENU" use the JS-MENU

icon from the Windows desktop. (If someone has erased this icon

then open the MS-DOS prompt and switch to the drive where the

Jewelry Shopkeeper is installed and type JS and press Enter.)


Go to the COMMAND MENU. At the Enter Your Choice-> Prompt, type


DEL  C:\COLORS.MEM                                     and press Enter

(it's ok if this responds with FILE NOT FOUND - just continue)

PKUNZIP    -o    DBF   COLORS.MEM   DATA.JS            and press Enter


(-o is a dash and a lower-case letter O)


(If you have a network, you might need to type the above commands at

any workstation on the network where you need to reset the colors if

the above doesn't change them all at once)