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The Jewelry Shopkeeper fills in city names by looking up zip

codes in your existing customer file..


If you have few customers in your customer file, the program will

not often be able to find a city name to match the zip code you

type in for a new customer.


If the program fills in the wrong city name for a particular zip

code, it means that the first customer in the customer list with

that zip code was typed in with the wrong city. Use these

instructions to find and correct the erroneous entry.


For newer programs, choose from the Shop-Pro Main Menu, File,

Miscellaneous Options, Utilities, and run the utility called CITYFX



For older programs which don't have the above utility use these notes



From the Shop-Pro Main Menu, choose File, Miscellaneous Options, Dot Prompt:


At the dot-prompt, type these lines, pressing <Enter> after each:

Where there appears to be more than one space, one is enough.


USE   CUSTOMER  INDEX   ZIP   EXCL                        

SEEK  "12345"                                            



(you can fix the city name directly from this browse list. when

finished, press CTRL-W to return to the dot prompt then type:)




Above, replace "12345" with the zip code you want to fix. Be sure

to surround the zip code with the quote marks.