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TO CHANGE THE PERIOD 6 (Calendar Year) TO Period 1 (new Fiscal



1)   Run a cleanup. [choice 8, 7, CLEANUP]


2)   Make a Backup. Keep this backup in a safe place and don't

   reuse it; Just in case.


3)   Close the period as normal. When the process is completed

   the program will say "The period was successfully reset. The

   new period is 7."


4)   Return to the Main Menu and go to the Store Information

   Defaults. [choice 8, 8, page 1 (v8.2) OR page 4 (right above

   cost code) v7.5].

   Change the period to period 1.


5)   Return to the Main Menu. Confirm that the period says 1.


6a)  Select Utility Programs [(Pro version 9, M, U) (Regular

   version Press U at the Main Menu)]. A list of utility

   programs will appear.


6b)  Highlight and select TRACK. Confirm that backups have been



6c)  Any number field, change to 12 (ie. Last Period which was



6d)  Any date field, change to 12/31/97 (ie. Date sales files

   were last purged:)


6e)  You will be returned to the Main Menu when you complete the

   last entry.


7a)  Again, select Utility Programs [(Pro version 9, M, U)

   (Regular version Press U at the Main Menu)]. A list of

   utility programs will appear.


7b)  Highlight and select PERIOD. Confirm that backups have been



7c)  This utility asks: What period is January? Type: 1. It will

   then ask you to confirm January is period 1. Answer Y. When

   completed, this utility program will return to the Main




8)   Go to the DOT Prompt [(Pro version 9, M, D). From the Dot

   prompt, type:


   DO EOY <enter>

   QUIT <enter>


9)   Run another cleanup. [8, 7, CLEANUP]


10)  Run a Cleanup a Range of Yearly files [Choice 8, E, 8]

   Select CLEANUP YEARLY FILES 89 through 97 and type CLEANUP.


11)  The changing of fiscal year periods is complete.