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Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)


The Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) improves the accuracy

of carrier route, five-digit ZIP, ZIP+4, and delivery point codes

that appear on mailpieces. CASS is offered to all mailers,

service bureaus, and software vendors who want to evaluate their

address-matching software and improve the quality of their ZIP+4,

CRIS, and five-digit coding accuracy. This process is graded by

the United States Postal Service's National Customer Support

Center (NCSC), and the results returned to mailers in order to

provide useful diagnostics for correcting deficiencies.

CASS enables the Postal Service to evaluate the accuracy of

address-matching software programs in three areas: (1) ZIP+4

delivery point coding, (2) carrier route coding, and (3)

five-digit coding. CASS allows vendors/mailers the opportunity to

test their address-matching software packages and, after

achieving a certain percentage of compliance, to be certified by

the Postal Service. CASS does not measure the accuracy of ZIP+4

delivery point, five-digit ZIP, or carrier route codes in a

mailer's existing files. CASS enables mailers to measure and

diagnose internally written, commercially-available,

address-matching software packages. The effectiveness of service

bureaus' matching software can also be measured.

There are two stages in the CASS process: Stage I, which is

optional, and Stage II, which is required for certification.


STAGE I-A Test With Answers

CASS Stage I enables businesses with address-matching software

to test their software against test addresses provided by the

Postal Service. The CASS file contains approximately 100,000 test

addresses extracted from the City State and ZIP+4 Files with

samples of all types of addressing used around the country. (Some

test addresses have been changed for test purposes, and not all

records have valid ZIP+4 Codes or valid addresses.) Customers can

evaluate the accuracy of their address-matching software by

applying the correct carrier route, five-digit, and ZIP+4 Codes

and by comparing the applied codes with the correct codes

provided by the Postal Service.


STAGE II-A Test Without Answers

CASS Stage II also contains approximately 100,000 test addresses

that are extracted and presented in the same makeup and mixture

as Stage I-only no answers are provided. Customers use their

address-matching software to apply the correct codes.

Match rates using CASS-certified software vary greatly depending

on address hygiene, the quality of addresses used, and the

timeliness of the customer database update applications. An

address with an incorrect ZIP+4 Code, carrier route code,

five-digit ZIP Code, or an address with no ZIP+4 Code can

contribute to delays in processing mail.

To be CASS-certified, participants must pass with a minimum

score of 96% for ZIP+4, 100% for delivery point coding, and 98%

for carrier route and five-digit. CASS certification is valid for

six months. Certified vendors are published periodically in

postal documents.