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You can assign different cash register codes to help you get separated

X-Reports for different cash registers or different shifts for the same

cash register. The cash register codes also work for the Posting Reports.


To change which cash register is in effect, go to the Main Menu and press

the letter U. choose the CASHRG utility and it will ask you what cash

register code you want to assign. Type a two-digit or two-letter code.

You can tell what cash register code is in effect at any menu where it

will show you the LEVEL xx, PERIOD xx, REG xx. This cash register code

will turn off each time you quit the Jewelry Shopkeeper so you have to

turn it back on each time you start the Jewelry Shopkeeper.


When you run the X-Report and it prompts you to type X to start the

X-Report. If you just type X, it will run the combined X-Report for

all cash register codes. If instead of typing X you type  REG  xx  

where you substitute a valid cash register code, it will run the

X-Report just for that register.


The Z-Report can only be run for the all cash registers combined so be

sure to run separate X-Reports before Z-ing out.


If a certain computer should always have a certain cash register code,

you can configure it in such a way that you don't have to manually run

the CASHRG utility mentioned above each time you start the Jewelry

Shopkeeper on that computer. Edit that computer's AUTOEXEC.BAT file and

add a blank line near the top. In the blank line add the words

SET  REGISTER=xx     where you substitute the desired cash register code

for xx - two letters .


If you have Windows ME/2000/XP you have to set the 'environmental

variable' called REGISTER to a 2-letter cash register code - Ask your

computer consultant how to initialize that environmental variable.

For Windows XP right-click My Computer, Properties, Advanced,

Environmental Variables, in the System Variables section at the bottom

select New then type REGISTER for the variable name

and xx for the variable value (where you substitute the desired cash

register code for xx - two letters or two numbers.)



ON THE XP computer, at Win Desktop


Choose properties.

Choose Advanced Tab


At the BOTTOM (system variables)

Click NEW


      VALUE: 02          (that computer register code)


              Click OK.