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Configuring Printer Capturing under Windows NT/2000/XP:



(In Windows 95/98/ME you can capture LPT ports with point-and-click

from the printer properties area but you can't do that in XP/2000)


Open a Command prompt window (normally choosing Start, Programs,

Accessories, Command prompt) and at the command prompt (Dos Prompt)

type in lines similar to this line:





and press Enter ( the delete line is just in case lpt1 is already captured)


Change SERVERNAME to the actual name of the computer to which the printer

is attached.


Change BOB'S PRINTER to the actual share-name of the printer you want to



Note the quotes around the whole server and printer name.


CHANGE LPT1 to the port name you are capturing (LPT1,LPT2,LPT3 - possibly

LPT4 and higher)


To cancel this capturing type this at the command prompt:




Tech Note:

This command is supposed to 're-activate' each time you reboot your

comptuer. In practice Windows sometimes forgets the commands or fails

to establish he printer capture.


In that case you need to re-issue the NET USE ... /DELETE and the

NET USE.. commands again.


It would be handy to put the all the NET USE commands in a batch file -

say in C:\FIXPRINT.BAT - if you have 2 printer captures for that computer

it would need 4 NET USE lines. Put a shortcut to that batch file on the

Windows desktop so that users can click that icon first in case of network

print problems.