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a) set the printer to reflective mode - page 39 in the manual.


b) calibrate the printer for reflective mode - page 41 in the manual.


c) [not likely to be important] check that the media

thickness adjustment is not way off - e.g. somewhere between

settings 1 and 3.


You may have the printer guide on the CD from the printer,

and you can also find a copy on our website which you can download.



When you get new tags ask Arch Crown and Kassoy for some standard

Ring tags or the more flexible String tags (aka rat-tail tags)


Just the simple kind with a left and right tag lobe,

1-across and without the black bars on the back.


When you get those tags you'd need to change the printer

to Transparent mode (p.39 of the printer manual) and calibrate

for transparent mode (p.41)