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This isn't an official part of the program, but if you can use it, great.



How to Administer Issuing and Using Bonus Points (Loyalty Points)



You can configure Shop-Pro to issue bonus points as a percentage of

purchases. You can customize this so that, for example, you could

issue 8 bonus points per hundred dollars of watch purchases,

5 points per hundred dollars of jewelry purchases and zero

points for repairs.


Bonus points are worth $1 each and you apply them to a sale when

they are redeemed.


Important: Shop-pro provides you the means to calculate the

issued and used bonus points but it does NOT stop you using

more bonus points than the customer has so watch out for that

to prevent negative bonus-point balances.


To set up the system:



*) Startup Shop-Pro


*) Create a major class code (choice 8,3,1) for a sku number you will be

using for customers to redeem bonus points (eg. 925 and equivalent letters

BON) - make sure the REPAIR TYPE is 1. make sure that NO TAXES are

selected for the class code (ie. GST and Provincial). Once the Major code is

enter make sure the program  says " a sku number BON-00001 has been



*) If you like you can create more than one redemption major code or

sku if you want to track redemptions on different types of sale.


*) Choose File, Misc, Utilities. Find one called: BP_INIT (bonus points



First you will be asked a set percentage for bonus points. This is the normal

percentage, but can be changed for each major code. E.g. 5.00 means $5 of

bonus points per $100 of purchases.


Next you will see all the major class codes with a bonus_pct filled in and a



You can change the bonus_pct as appropriate (for instance some class codes

may get a higher bonus percentage than others)


You MUST fill in each bonus_type. There are 3 choices:


1) Y (for Yes) this means purchases from this type category contribute to the

customer's bonus point earnings.


2) N (for No) means purchases from this type category do NOT contribute

(eg. repairs, shipping charges, and other services)


3) R (for redeemer) IN GENERAL, ONLY 1 CATEGORY will be marked R - the

category BON or 925 in the example given above - but you can have more

if you like.


You may come back to this utility program (BP_INIT) at any time to fine tune

your selections.



*) Choose File, Misc, Utilities. Find one called: BP_CALC (bonus point

calculator) This utility will re-calculate all customer's bonus point earnings and

point redemption. You may run this at any time. Users MUST exit Shop-Pro in

order for you to re-calculate the bonus point totals. You should run this very

frequently (once a day) during the peak Christmas season.


This utility will simply ask for a cut off date. Any sale after the provided date

will be calculated as bonus points using the BP_INIT guidelines.


*) To view the bonus points report, choose File, Misc, Utilities. Find one

called: BP_RPT (bonus points report)


*) In order for a customer to redeem bonus points:


Make a sale as normal. Once all sku numbers are typed in (and the necessary

taxes are added in) then on the last line of the sale type in the redemption sku

number (ie. BON-00001.  In the RETAIL type in the bonus points used (eg.

$100) in the QUANTITY (this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) type in -1

(negative one)