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Version 9.4 of Jewelry Shop-Pro has some new report options to

help you identify Best Sellers.


Choose 6,5 for Inventory Reports. Change the "Itemized" option (usually line C) to "Summarize by Style". Also change the Include "Zero Quantity Items"

option to ALL because you certainly want to see items that are out of stock.


Then choose Start Report where you will be asked if you want to calculate

Sales Figures. Choose Yes then choose the date range you're interested in.


This might be the last week or month but you might also choose the last year

if you want to review which items have sold well over a longer time-frame.


Then you can choose items that have sold more than 2 or perhaps 4 or so of the same style. That way the report will be shorter, concentrating only on

styles that have sold repeatedly. Note that even if you get different SKU

numbers each time, this report will focus on the vendor's style number.


If you only want to see items that turned over relatively quickly you specify a maximum turnover-speed - such as 200 days. However if you are

specifying a large multiple sales number for the report, say 5, then you

probably don't want to restrict the turnover speed.


Once you identify certain items that always need to be reordered you can specify particular reorder levels from the 2,8,E edit inventory screen and you can occasionally run the "reorder reports" - also from the 6,5 inventory reports screen.