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   How to Setup the Bank Balance in Jewelry Shopkeeper


*) Make sure that all your outstanding checks and deposits and bank charges

are recorded in the checkbook file. ["outstanding" for here means trans-

actions that have never appeared on a monthly statement you've received -

even if you know they've cleared the bank since the last statement.]


*) Make sure that transactions that have previously appeared on a statement

are marked as cleared. If you have some that need to be cleared - you can

do this from option 5,5,A,2-  "clear checks". For this time, when you go

into clear checks, you can ignore the balances just mark the items cleared.


*) Now if you run a reconciliation report - option 5,7,B - that should

list all the outstanding transactions - and only the outstanding

transactions. At the bottom will be a total - the total will be negative

if you have more outstanding deposits than outstanding checks, or positive

if more checks.


*) You need to correct the Shopkeeper bank balance to equal your last

statements closing balance minus this total.

e.g. If your last statement balance was 5,600 and the report total is 500,

then the current bank balance must be fixed to read 5,100. If the report

total is -1,200, then the bank balance must be 6,800.


*) Fix the bank balance from "Initialize Bank Account..." (choice 5,5,A,3)


*) Rerun the reconciliation report and at the bottom, it should indicate

what the last statement balance should read and it should be fixed.


*) You can run the reconciliation report any time during the month and it

should balance to the last statement.