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Quick instructions. Open the JS-MENU icon and from the ENTER YOUR CHOICE->

prompt type    3 B: and press <Enter> where you change B: to the

drive letter of the USB drive.



Essentially every computer or computer drive is going to crash at some

point and damage the data. If it happens when your last good backup

is 3 months or 3 years old it's hell to reconstruct. Please backup

daily and test the backups monthly.




USB drives are now quite inexpensive and are a preferred method for your

daily Shopkeeper backing up because they are quicker and easier than a

floppy drive and are faster, easier and more reliable than a

CD drive or a tape system for a daily backup.


USB Drives can be called Thumb Drives or Keyring Drives or Jump Drives.

They are approximately thumb-sized and you connect them to a USB port on

your computer. Windows XP will recognize them immediately - older versions

of Windows *might* need you to activate that option with a driver.


When you connect the device, check the My Computer screen to see

what drive letter was assigned to it.

If you have Windows XP you can even specify the desired drive letter

by choosing Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management,

Disk Management, then right-click the USB drive entry (normally this is

easy to locate as it will be identified as Removable and the size will be

approximately the size of the USB drive) after right-clicking choose Change

Drive Letter and Path, choose Change, then select a letter. We would

suggest drive B: - you'll see a warning Changing the drive letter of a

volume might cause programs to no longer run... - which you can ignore

provided you haven't accidentally selected the C: drive.


Please note that you need a SEPARATE USB Drive for EACH day of the

week that you are open. This is important because very often when

data is damaged we have to use a backup a few days old. If you use

just one or two backup drives you may have replaced a good backup

with a damaged one


Now that these drives can be had for $8-20 this is not a big expense.


You should be able to use the smallest 128MB capacity drives because

your Shop-Pro backup will be compressed.

At most, if you have 10 years of Shop-Pro data you may need a 512MB drive

However, the smallest capacity available may even be 1GB so space

really isn't an issue unless you use the same chips to backup other,

larger files.


Be sure you get USB 2.0 specification devices (not 1.0 spec)

They are available most anywhere but one example is

under the title USB Flash Memory or under 'Memory & Flash'


Corsair, Kingston, Transcend, Lexar and many othes are known names.

Some devices are easier than others to label with a magic-marker --

see next note.



To reiterate: You must NOT use the same one every day of the week.


Open the COMMAND MENU by clicking on the JS-MENU icon from the Windows

desktop. This takes you to the black and white menu with the prompt

ENTER YOUR CHOICE-> at the  bottom.


From the ENTER YOUR CHOICE-> prompt type 3 B: and press <Enter>


(In Shopkeeper 9.7 and up you type 3 and <Enter> then you are asked to

choose a drive letter)


Note that you will need to change the letter B: to the correct USB drive

letter that you checked before from My Computer (e.g. G:, H:, N:, etc)

and add the colon (:) after the USB drive letter.


You are strongly urged to backup every day because you cannot predict which

day the computer will have a problem.




On the last day of each month, backup to floppy disks or CD.

Write the date of the month-end and keep that as a permanent copy of

that month-end. You should keep the last 25 month-end backup sets.


You should consider making a permanent month end backup to a one-time

only CD/R disk (which is more reliable and cheaper than a CD/RW disk).


That way you'll have an unalterable record of your program and data from

that month-end. You can't overwrite a CD/R disk later and they're probably

not much more than 20 cents a pop.


In that case, backup the entire COMPLINK.JS folder (including

all subfolders) from the drive where Shop-Pro is installed. Compulink

doesn't have the instructions on how to do that since the steps can vary

for different computers. You may need to check with the guide for your CR/RW

drive or CD - burning software or your local technician.


However - for Windows XP you can normally open My Computer, open the drive

Shop-Pro is installed and then when you see the COMPLINK.JS folder,

do NOT open it - instead right-click it and choose Send-To and then choose

the CD burner drive. When it seems to be finished it isn't you have to

complete it by opening the CD drive in My Computer and then choose

File from the top left and then choose Write these Files to CD.