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Quick Backup notes for XP:

* Close all copies of Jewelry Shopkeeper

* Open My Computer, Open the C: drive (or drive where JS is installed)

* Right-click COMPLINK.JS, choose Send-To, CD-RW Drive

* Open My Computer, Open the CD drive, choose File, Write These Files to CD



Important note for Windows XP. XP may allow you to drag files or

 folders to a CD, but it does NOT actually copy the files immediately.

 Instead they are just in a queue waiting until you open the CD drive

 from My Computer, then choose File, Burn to CD. Some computers may

 have alternative software installed that does copy right away but

 you would need to verify that.


To backup to CD you can backup the entire COMPLINK.JS folder to your CD

You may be able to do that with Drag and Drop from Windows or you may

need to use special software with your cd burner. If you use the drag

and drop method make SURE you don't accidentally drag from the CD to

the Hard Drive!! Also - if you use the drag-and-drop method make sure

you don't drag just a shortcut to the complink.js folder. Backing up

a shortcut does not backup the data - it backs up just the shortcut

just like photocopying a library index card does not photocopy the book.



Actually the most important and only essential thing to backup daily is

the DATA.JS folder from inside the COMPLINK.JS folder. However, a CD

has so much capacity and is fast enough that you might as well backup

the entire COMPLINK.JS folder including all subfolders since it wouldn't

take much longer or take up much more space on the CD.



If you have read-write CD's and you are able to 'format' them so they act

like floppies, you may be able to backup to them the same way you backup

to floppies currently except you add the CD drive letter.


E.g. if the CD drive is E: then at the black and white COMMAND MENU

(accessed with the JS-MENU icon) you can type

 3  E   and press Enter

but remember this only works if the CD's can be formatted to work like

floppies. Formatting them can take 45 minutes and requires special

software bundled with your CD/RW drive - you'd have to check with your

computer's vendor if you need clarification on that.


One example of a program which does this is Roxio DirectCD. This is

bundled with some computers and it may automatically pop-up when you put

a blank CD/RW disk in or you may be able to run the Roxio DirectCD



If you don't have this Roxio DirectCD Wizard or an equivalent program

already installed in your computer it may be part of the popular program

"Roxio Easy CD Creator."


For your daily backups you can use read/write CD's and re-use the same

CD each week but be sure to use a different CD for each day of the week

- even if a single CD could theoretically hold hundreds of days' worth

of data. i.e. have a CD/RW disk for Monday, one for Tuesday, etc.


For your month-end backup it would be a good idea to make a backup of

the entire COMPLINK.JS folder using a one-time-only CD to make a

permanent backup of that month-end.


Otherwise, note that a Zip drive is a very convenient way of making your

daily backups. Type 3 N from the COMMAND MENU where you change N to the

correct drive letter for the zip drive. Even if your Zip drive has a

capacity of 250MB - you would only need to use the less expensive

100MB Zip disks. Even if you use the Zip disk for the daily backup the

one-time CD for the monthly backup is still a good idea.