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(For a Zip drive see the note about the zip drive letter below

(For a CD burner ask us for different backup tips)



You should have 6 or 7 sets of backup disks - one for each day of the week

that you are open.


When you have little data in Shop-Pro each set may contain only one disk,

but later it may take two or three or more disks per day.


Label the disks : MONDAY - disk1, MONDAY - disk2,  TUESDAY - disk1, etc


If you use a Zip Drive, it will never need more than one disk per day

even if you use the smaller capacity 100MB Zip disks. Note that the 250MB

Zip drives can use the less expensive 100MB disks which is useful since

you'll need several disks for your daily Shop-pro backups. They can

also use the 250MB disks which you may need for some other programs.

(But the larger 700MB Zip drives do NOT backup onto 100MB disks.)


To Backup your data to a diskette; insert the first backup

diskette from your backup set in the A: (or B:) drive.

(On Monday you would insert the MONDAY - disk1 disk first.)


Open the COMMAND MENU by clicking on the JS-MENU icon from the Windows

desktop. This takes you to the black and white menu with the prompt

ENTER YOUR CHOICE-> at the  bottom.


From the ENTER YOUR CHOICE-> prompt type 3 and press <Enter>


The Backup program might ask you to insert a second and third

disk. If prompted, insert the appropriate diskette.


If you are backing up to a Zip disk (or even a floppy in the B drive ) which

is NOT in the A: drive, then to backup type 3  X   and press Enter but

change the letter X to the drive letter for the diskette drive

(e.g. G, H, N, S, etc, etc. If you don't know your Zip disks's drive letter

double-click the My Computer icon from Windows.


You are strongly urged to backup every day because you cannot predict which

day the computer will have a problem.





On the last day of each month, backup as normal to that day's disk(s). Then

remove that disk from the weekly rotation, write the date of the month-end

and keep that as a permanent copy of that month-end. You should keep the

last 25 month-end disks. This does mean that the following week you will

need to replace the disks you put away with new disks.


You might even consider making a permanent month end backup to a one-time

only CD/W disk (which is more reliable and cheaper than a CD/RW disk).

In that case, backup the entire COMPLINK.JS folder (including

all subfolders) from the drive where Shop-Pro is installed. Compulink

doesn't have the instructions on how to do that since the steps can vary

for different computers. You may need to check with the guide for your CR/RW

drive or CD - burning software or your local technician.