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If there is a problem with internet connection or the sending/receiving of e-mails and you suspect the AVG Firewall could be the problem, or there is another reason for deactivating the AVG Firewall, follow these steps:



Open the AVG Control Center program -> right-click on the "AVG Firewall" component -> choose "Deactivate". Now the AVG Firewall service is switched off. When you need to re-activate the AVG Firewall, open the AVG Control Center program -> right click on the "AVG Firewall" component and choose "Activate".



When the AVG Firewall is deactivated, your PC is vulnerable to attacks from the Internet. Your antivirus protection is not effected by disabling the AVG Firewall.





I cannot access files on the PC, where the AVG Firewall is installed, from another PC in my local network


You need to enable “Microsoft file sharing and printing” in the system rules (AVG Firewall->Configure->System tab). If the PC is connected directly to the Internet, please restrict this rule to only allow sharing for computers in your local network.