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Automatic Payables



You can tell Shop-Pro to automatically add a payable to the accounts

payable list each month (or every other month or quarterly or yearly, etc.


Note, however, that Shop-Pro does NOT make an automatic payment or an

automatic check. It simply adds a payment to the list so that when you are

paying your payables it will show up as one of the invoices you should

probably select to pay.


Go to the vendor screen (option 8,2,2 and locate a vendor)

At the bottom type in 1 for Automatic Invoices Every x Months for a monthly

payable (or 3 for quarterly or 12 for yearly)

Enter the Amount and enter the next due date.


The payables will only show up after you close the month so when you start,

you can't make them show up this month - the first month they can appear

would be next month. For the Accounting period of the next invoice type

in next month's period (if you are in period 1, that would be 2, etc)


Note that this controls when the payable will first show up - not when it's

due. Separately you can enter the next due date.


However, be careful of timing in that the "Accounting Period of the Next

Invoice" may not match the "Next Due Date":

For example, if it's January 19th today and you have rent due on the first

of the month, you would want the payable to appear in the list of payables

the previous month (because you'd want to pay it or at least see a week or

more ahead that it's coming due).


This means that if you put the Accounting period of next invoice to 2 -

that's a payable that would first show up when you close January - so that

due date should be March 1. Subsequently April 1st's payable will show up

when you February.


This means that for the February rent you'll have to remember to manually

add the payable (or directly cut a check)


Other date combinations may not be so tricky and could have the month of

the next due date matching the period of the next invoice.

For example, if you have Insurance due on the 24th of each month, you could

enter Accounting period 2 for that and next due date 02/24/2004 and that

payable would automatically appear when you close January. (but you'll

still have to remember to pay the January 24th installment manually)