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The cash requirement report by expense code can only show the entire

incoming amounts sorted by expense code - not the remaining amount due

by expense code.


Previous versions might have sort of allowed this option but on review

that choice in previous versions was an estimate of sorts and not

particularly reliable because the Shop-Pro doesn't maintain an amount

due by expense code it keeps the amount due for the entire invoice -

the amount due by expense code is for the entire invoice.


While a couple of jewelers have lamented the passing of that report,

because it was not often possible to substantiate the resulting numbers

on that report it had to be removed.


Fortunately, there is not an accounting standpoint need to know how

much remains due by expense code.


What is important is to know how much is due and to whom and on what

invoice - that is what the  cash requirements report for unpaid invoices

sorted by vendor does. This details backs up the A/P liability total.


What is also important is to know the value of incoming invoices sorted

by expense code regardless of how much has been paid - because this

represents the accrual-method expense for a certain time-frame.



The most recent versions of Version 9 have re-enabled this

combination -- however it will present this warning when

you try it.



Sorted by Expense Code for Unpaid is not

condoned since it doesn't work for

partially paid invoices. You should

choose Both Paid & Unpaid. Do you want

to continue with this report anyway?