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Appraisals are added via the sales screen. You always have to first add a

Sku number to the sale and then add the appraisal details to that sku number



You add the appraisal details by pressing the <PageUp> button when

the cursor is in the price or description box on the sales screen.

Alternatively, you can click with the mouse the button that appears in

the middle of the screen.


The sku number line can either be a regular inventory sku number that you

are selling to the customer at that moment and to which you are adding an

appraisal. If you previously added extended detail in the inventory file

for the sku number you are selling then those notes will transfer to the

appraisal screen where you can simply accept them or modify them (without

affecting the inventory detail screen.)


or.. the sku number line can be a "dummy sku number" that you use to sell an

appraisal for an item that you are not selling to the customer at that time

(e.g. an item they are bringing in or an item you sold them a while back)


Note that for a dummy sku number you'd first have to create a special major

code for appraisals - and note that the repair category for this major code

must be set to 3 for appraisals.


Appraisals print on standard pre-printed NEBS forms Style 128-3 or the

equivalent. If you have a similar form it might work - there is an option

to change the appraisal format.