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Assuming you have the pictures loaded in the computer correctly and you can

display them using the Display an Item Status screen, heres how to get

pictures to print on appraisal


1) Make sure you have a supported printer. Either a Hewlett Packard LaserJet

or a Hewlett Packard DeskJet


2) Make sure the correct printer is selected from within PRINTER REDIRECTION

(choice 8,B from the main menu)


3) If, and only if, the printer is an HP DeskJet as opposed to a LaserJet,

then in the PRINTER REDIRECTION SCREEN, with the list of printers, locate

the line used for the deskjet and make sure that at the end of the name you

add the characters  /OD5  (forward slash, Oh, Dee, five)


4) Next, Go into an appraisal, PageDown past the  appraisal wording and

value, and when asked if you want to print the appraisal, choose F for



5) In the appraisal formatting screen, enter some co-ordinates for the

location of the picture.

An example is:

Top    6.700

Bottom 9.000

Left   1.750

Right  8.000