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1. Check the following printer settings:


a. Select Start, Settings, and Printers.


b. Make sure there are no duplicate icons for the HP DeskJet 820C

series printer, such as HP DeskJet 820C series printer copy 2. If

more than one icon for the printer exists, remove all the

duplicates by highlighting the extra icon and choosing File and



c. The HP DeskJet 820C series printer icon must not be renamed in

the Printers window. If the icon has been renamed, change the

name back to "HP DeskJet 820C Series Printer". To do this,

highlight the icon for the printer, select File, and Rename.

Then, type the correct name of the printer and press ENTER.


d. Right-click the HP DeskJet 820C series printer icon. Verify

that there is a check next to Set As Default. If there is not a

check, click the Set As Default line once. If the check is

already there, proceed to step e. If you click the line the menu

will disappear, again right click the HP DeskJet 820 icon. Verify

that the Set As Default is checked.


e. Look for a check next to Pause Printing. If there is a check,

click the Pause Printing line once to remove the check. Right

click the HP DeskJet 820C icon, verify that the check is not in

front of Pause Printing.


f. Select Properties. Select the Details tab. Make sure the

correct port and printer driver are selected.


g. In the Properties window, select Port Settings under the

Details tab. Ensure that "Spool MS-DOS print jobs" is selected

and "Check Port State Before Printing" is not selected. Select



h. In the Properties window, select Spool Settings under the

Details tab. Ensure that "Enable bidirectional support for this

printer" is selected. Select OK. If this selection is grayed out,

delete and reinstall the printer driver software. Refer to the

document titled, "DJ820 - v 8.0, 8.2, Deleting the Driver for



i. Under the Details tab of the Properties window, select OK.